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What is Composite Decking made of?


  • 90% from recycled material.

  • Plastic (35-40%)

  • Wood (50-55%)

Where is it made?


  • Our composite products are made in China, we have factories that work to our specification and quality control.


Are the materials responsibly sourced?


  • The 548 brand sources FSC Certified

  • All suppliers are regularly monitored.

What tests are done on composite products?


  • All 548 products are tested for Strength, Safety and Lifespan.


What tools are required to fit?


  • Tape Measure

  • Table Saw

  • Drill and Driver

  • Spirit Level

  • Hand Tools


What subframe should it be fitted on?


  • Either 548 Frame

  • (70 yr guarantee)

  • or C24 Treated timber

Does Composite Decking expand?


  • Yes, it has to be fitted using our instruction guide. Don’t forget to check!

Are 548 decking and fencing products reversible?


  • Yes, both sides have been designed for use on the grained or grooved side.

  • Check the fitting guide before you start…..

Wear & Care​

Does Composite Decking fade?


  • Yes, when fitted it will fade with UV exposure, then return to the original colour (up to 12 wks)


How much will it fade?


  • On testing over the lifetime of the product it will fade approximately 20-25%


Which board is better, Hollow or Solid?


  • 548 has both, Hollow is good for domestic and light commercial use.


How do I take care of and maintain my decking?


For the 548 range use warm soapy water or a light detergent (see guide)

Care Guide

Guide to caring for 548 products


Regularly clean your deck with warm soapy water or a light detergent. Rinse after use.

If you use a pressure wash machine make sure the PSI strength is for domestic light use. Be careful not to get too close otherwise damage may be caused to the surface.

To avoid mould build up occasionally brush the deck during cleaning, use a medium stiff yard or hand brush and rinse after use.

There are composite decking cleaners and restorers on the market, be sure to do a test before use.

There will be fading in the first 0-6 months whilst the UV chemicals stabilize. The composite will then acclimatise, revert back to the original colour then slowly fade over the lifespan of the product.


  • Mud, dirt and soil use with warm soapy water, a brush and hose or light power wash.

  • Algae and mould: use an organic path/patio cleaner and rinse after use.

  • Snow melting products or rock salt can be used but must be washed off immediately after thawing.

  • Fat, oil and grease from BBQ’s need a light detergent cleaner and require scrubbing immediately. Do not leave them as they may stain the decking permanently.

  • Alcohol, Fruit and Bird droppings use a light detergent and warm soapy water.




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