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Millboard Decking

Millboard decking is a revolutionary form of composite, they provide a diverse decking collection from the more industrial Lasta-Grip range, their midrange boards Enhanced grain to their high end weathered oak. In fact, this type of modern decking is better than the other conventional types thanks to its durability & flexibility. Millboard decking is lightweight, low-maintenance, and easily installed. So in case you’re seeking an elegant decking composite to enhance your outdoor space or add value to your property, Millboard decking is the right choice.

Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak

What Is Millboard Decking?

Millboard is an incomparable alternative to traditional wood decking. It's made of a flexible and water-resistant material called Polyurethane resin, as well as 100% recycled plastic. The two main components are mixed and then baked at high pressure & temperature. The final product comes in many different colours and lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional wood. Its decking boards are sized 200 x 3600 x 32mm. Fortunately, this thickness allows them to be very durable but still lightweight and easy to install.

Why opt for Millboard?

Millboard decking looks like real wood. But unlike real wood, the former is water-resistant. So even when it gets wet, it doesn't rot, warp, degrade, or crack. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for all interiors and outdoor spaces. It is usually used in industrial factories, warehouses, and production plants. And it is often recommended by architects thanks to its great durability.

Although it is artificial, millboard decking is high-quality & is less costly in the long run. A typical Millboard with the aforementioned size can cost as low as £73.60, as opposed to the typical cost for wood which is slightly higher. This makes it a perfect material for those who are working on a tight budget.

Another big advantage of Millboard decking is its low maintenance requirements. Because this type of decking doesn't need to be stained, sealed, or varnished to protect it from weather damage, you'll save countless hours and money in the long run. Little to no maintenance work is demanded, and on top of it, the material sticks around for at least two decades!

In addition, Millboard decking is easy to install, as it can be attached directly to a variety of surfaces without the need for additional framing. Millboard is very unique in the way the material conceals the screw heads giving a flawless finish every time. Above that, it’s perfectly safe and anti-slip, it comes in the most popular colours so you have plenty of colours to choose from, and it's a renewable resource that is both environment-friendly and long-lasting.

To wrap this up, Millboard decking is the best modern alternative to real wood in the market. It comes in several colours and styles to choose from, offering a wide range of options for homeowners like you who want to enhance their outdoor spaces. It's a great investment that will increase the value of your property, so it's worth looking at! Deck Direct is the UK's leading & largest supplier of Millboard decking so if you'd like more information on millboard decking, please check our store or contact us our expert team are here to help.

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