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The 4.5x35mm Durafix® Fascia screw is a fixing that is to be used only with the Fascia boards.

The purpose of the 35mm Durafix Fascia screw is for situations where the Fascia is being fitted to thinner battens (batten depth can be 25mm or greater), where a longer screw wouldn’t work. The Durafix Fascia screw, like the other Durafix fixings, is made from A2 stainless steel and features the same ‘tulip-shaped’ torx drive head. Once they’re in, the Millboard Lastane® coating on every board simply flexes back over the screw, leaving a virtually indistinguishable mark.



4.5 x 35mm Box of 100

Millboard 35mm Durafix® Fascia screw

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